Chess Rules

Chess Rules

  • Tournament (Blitz) format will be in an online team tournament format. Every player gets an opportunity to play as many rounds as the one hour tournament allows.  There is no elimination. The number of rounds will be based on many games the lichess app pairs within the one hour event. Expect to play a minimum of 4 rounds and a maximum of 8 rounds.
  • The pairing app will automatically pair players as games finish.
  • Every won game will fetch 2 points, lost game will fetch 0 points, and a draw game (by threefold repetition or by stalemate or by mutual agreement or by claiming insufficient material to win or by fifty-move rule) will fetch 1 point each player.  A player’s score will be doubled (to 4 points) for the third win (and subsequent wins along the same streak) if he or she wins two matches in a row.  Lichess defines this as a “streak” and will continue to award double points if a player continues to win.  A player may “Go Beserk”.  By going “Berserk” the player’s time is cut in half and if he/she wins they will acquire 3 points instead of 2 points.  A player that initiates a “Go Beserk” while on a streak will acquire 5 points for a win.
  • This is a G/5 sudden death game which means that each player will get 5 minutes each.
  • acts as tournament director and will NOT ALLOW move “takebacks”.  Once a piece is moved to a square or piece capture is completed the move will be completed; similar to touch move rule.
  • software manages the game timers.
  • The chess app will not allow illegal moves.
  • There will be NOT be a gap between the rounds.  Once a game finishes be prepared for your next round pairing. A player is allowed approximately 20 seconds to make their first move once lichess makes the pairing.  Black has 20 seconds to respond with their first move after White’s first move.Lichess will forfeit your game if you do not respond within this allotted time.So don’t leave the virtual Sanskriti Chess Room tournament area.  Put yourself “on pause”  in the tournament room in between games if you need to step away from your PC.
  • will award First, Second, and Third Place virtual trophies.
  • Players will need to send the captain of the room (David Aldi) a “Request to Join” the Sanskriti Chess Team Room.  Mr. Aldi will then allow those players to participate that are on a predetermined Sanskriti participant list.  ONLY those players on the list may participate.  The appropriate Sanskriti moderator will email or text message the list of approved participants to Mr. Aldi  BEFORE the start of the tournament.  Players may join the tournament in progress however players that do so will be behind on points relative to the other front runners.
  • Once the tournament starts players must be in the Sanskriti Chess Team Room in order to be paired.  Players may re-enter the Sanskriti Chess Team Room if he or she loses their internet connection.  Just sign back in to; re-enter the team room; and click on the box “Sanskriti Chess Tournament” and that player is back in!.

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